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Track the Trolley live with our Trolley Tracker!

The S.S. Trolley will be seen daily on the roads of Saugeen Shores through July and August shuttling passengers between our two great communities, travelling along the shoreline continuously between 10am and 7pm. A GPS tracking system allows the public to track the trolley live, on their smart phones and other devices.  

Please note:  The Trolley will run the loop as many times as feasible throughout the hours of operation.  Due to traffic we cannot promise exact times and schedules.  A complete round trip can take up to 90 minutes.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!



2017 Hours of Operation:

  • Daily 7 Days a week, starting July 2 and ending September 3 (The Trolley has Canada Day 150th obligations on July 1)
  • Start time will be 10am at the Ivings Drive stop
  • End time is 7pm at that same stop - making the last run of the day between 6pm-7pm
  • Captain and crew will berth at the Museum stop for ½ hour to take on nourishment and will always leave the Museum stop at 2pm
  • Passengers will be charged $2 per person to board the trolley at any of the designated stops. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and children 5 and under are free.  EXACT CHANGE IS REQUIRED.  Due to the popularity of the Trolley and capacity rules we cannot guarantee entry. Although every effort will be made to accommodate our riders, capacity is at the drivers discretion. 


There are 8 signed and designated stops.   The Trolley will run the loop as many times as is feasible throughout the hours of operation, no set schedule is in place.  We suggest you track the Trolley live for up to date information.  

  • In general the looped route is:
    • Ivings Drive Port Elgin Stop
    • Downtown Port Elgin (Green Street beside the Municipal Parking Lot – across from the Missionary Church)
    • Port Elgin Beach (Harbour St.and Mill St. area) pick-ups both directions
    • Port Elgin Splash Pad (Northshore Park) pick-ups both directions
    • Pegasus Trail (look out area) pick-ups both directions
    • Huron St. and Beach Rd. (walk to Gerry’s Fries and the Boardwalk from this stop) pick-ups both directions
    • Huron St. and High St. (make your way to the flag or into the downtown core) pick-ups both directions
    • Museum Stop (in Front of GC Huston School)




Great idea, Great implementation team, and Great operating staff, have all made this one of the best initiatives in a long time in Saugeen Shores. It is truly bringing the two towns closer together, just as intended.
Dave Myette , Port Elgin  On
this was a wonderful addition to the summer events, Hope it continues next year also, was wonderful during the ride to hear some history, and tidbits of the area. As I said congrats to creating this tourist fun ride.
Brenda , Waterloo  on
Amazing addition to an already well planned and supported tourist area. Thank you!
Anu , Mississauga  Ontario
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